Discover Hondarribia

Vista aérea de HondarribiaHondarribia is a place to forget stress and allow time to drift gently by, sitting outside in the Plaza de Armas, right in the heart of the old quarter, or in San Pedro Street in the Marina neighbourhood. It is a place to watch the comings and goings of every day life whilst having a few nibbles or feeling the warmth of the sun. It is an invitation to forget time and stroll around the old quarter to enjoy the bars with their tables and chairs out on the street, or quiet corners that tell us something about the town’s past.

It is a time to take off your watch and stroll around the town, full of the taste of the coast or wander through its medieval streets and listen to the town’s history through the silence of its walls.

A historical treasure

The walls of Honadarribia which it is thought were built by the Visigoth King Wamba have witnessed the presence amongst others of Henry V of Castille, Philip the Beautiful, Juana the Mad, Charles V, Louis XIV of France, Princess Maria Teresa, Phillip V, Fernando VII and Napoleon.