Bidasoa-Txingudi Bay

Bidasoa-Txingudi: a surprising cross-border territory...

Txingudi Bay

Who hasn’t at some time dreamed of being able to visit two European countries at the same time and also discover a culture that dates back thousands of years.

Bidasoa-Txingudi is a unique place with sea, mountains and rivers and three cultures and languages: Basque, French and Spanish as well as a very broad and varied range of things to attract the tourist.

This cross-border, protected county has been able to preserve its natural and historical heritage where Roman and Medieval remains and turn-of –the-century and neo-Basque architecture decorate its streets.

Caught between the sea and the mountains, it is an ideal place for hiking in the local mountains, walking along the Bay Pathway and staying in farmhouses to get to know the countryside, practicing water sports, relaxing at one of the many camp-sites and holiday centres or simply enjoying some relaxation time, shopping and attending local festivals, staying at a traditional farmhouse or a luxury hotel.

Activity-based, business or beach tourism, you choose ... Bidasoa-Txingudi is waiting for you.